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  • What is the definition of Long-term Capital Asset (LTCA) and Short-term Capital Asset (STCA) w.r.t foreign listed securities? What are the tax rates if any capital gain (Long term or Short term) is accrued on sale of such Capital Assets?

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The time period for which a particular capital asset is held by its owner decides whether that asset is a short-term capital asset or a long term capital asset. Shares of a company listed on foreign stock exchanges (unlisted securities for Income Tax purposes) shall be considered as LTCA if the same is held for more than 24 months while those held for 24 months or less shall be considered as STCA. Tax rate with respect to LTCG and STCG applicable on Indian resident has been provided below

Capital Gains Tax Rate:



Short Term Capital Gains 

Slab rates (Plus applicable cess and surcharge) 

Long Term Capital Gains 

20% (Plus applicable cess and surcharge)

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