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What are some potential 3rd-party costs that I can expect?

Miscellaneous Charges

$20.00        Returned Checks

$25.00        Check Stop Payments

$20.00        Overnight Check Delivery

$25.00        Returned Wire Transfers (applies to attempted third-party wires)

$5.00         Tax Certification (W-8 Ben). One-time fee upon a non-US account opening

$50.00        1099 Request for Exempt Accounts

$25.00        Tax Document Request (Fax and Regular Mail)

$3.00          Physical Copy of Trade Confirmations (per confirmation)

$5.00          Physical Copy of Monthly Account Statement (per statement)

Withdrawal/ Administrative Request Charges

$3.00         Paper Check / e-check (USD)

$0.25         ACH Transfer (outgoing)

$10.00       Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer

$10.00       Outgoing International Wire Transfer

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