Our Role

Our role includes:

  • Reviewing the initial deal information provided;
  • Having a face-to-face meeting where possible, or otherwise zoom calls (as many as is required…..some projects such as infrastructure and multi-phase real estate developments can last for years…);
  • Preparing a credit paper that is submitted to our funding channel. This has to be prepared in a certain manner to ensure that the key salient facts are explained and so that the nature/merits of the deal can be understood by the funding parties;
  • Working with our funding channel partners in order to be able to place the deal;
  • Assisting with requesting required due diligence information initially for the Indicative Terms, but thereafter following this up with more detailed due diligence requests, such as receiving and reviewing copies of all documentation and financials pertaining to the company and the project);
  • Regular (quite often on some projects) almost daily communication between all parties ensuring required actions are executed;
  • Providing expertise such as financial modelling, business planning consultancy where required. In general this is something we do not charge additionally for, although if full blown financial projections are needed then we normally charge a fee for doing so and is done on a case-by-case basis regarding the level of the fee and the amount of work required. We can also assist with creating/amending other key documents that are required during the DD process to obtain the funding approval;

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