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Full-service Project Financing

Our Value Proposition

We arrange full-service project financing for projects globally, through a panel of 700+ specialty hedge funds, family offices & private individuals (Tier 2 funders - none of which are banks).

  • We do not compete with traditional Tier 1 funding sources like banks.
  • Project owners approach us when they cannot get funding through their normal funding sources.
  • We specialize in getting the difficult job done.
  • We can arrange financing for almost any sector except military equipment.
  • We can arrange financing in almost any country except UN sanctioned countries.

Our project finance minimum amount

We work with projects that require a minimum of USD 10 million of funding or more.

Types of financing we arrange

We work with established businesses who have a solid track record and expertise in the project they require funding for.

  • Debt financing
  • Equity financing
  • Combination of debt and equity financing
  • Working capital financing
  • Bridge financing
  • Mezannine financing
  • Stretch financing

Types of financing we do not arrange

We do not arrange funding for startups and very new businesses that have yet to prove themselves, or still in a conceptual stage of their business cycle.

  • Angel finance
  • Venture capital
  • Crowd funding
  • Special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs)

Our Scope of Work includes

  • We are not brokers who just connect project owners with funders.
  • We are financial packagers who understand project requirements thoroughly, before choosing the right funding partner for our clients.
  • We then package the project documentation to be fit for purpose with the chosen funding source.
  • We liaise with the funder's analysts, and the client to ensure they have everything they need to get the funding done in a timely manner.
  • In most cases, the work required to complete a project from our side, typically requires between 50 to 100 man-hours or more in complex cases.

Our Scope of Work does not include

  • Creating business plans / feasibility studies for client.
  • Creating other project documentation related to funding on behalf of the client.
  • Amending or advising on client's project / business financials.
  • Doing any work on behalf of the client which is ideally the responsibility of their CFO or their project team.
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