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Step 1 - Initial documentation

Initial documentation needs to be completed with project owners before any discussions can begin.

  • Non-circumvention and Non-disclosure Agreement (NCNDA).
  • Client information sheet (CIS).
  • Project requirements questionnaire.

Step 2 - Preliminary client meeting

Preliminary meeting is necessary for both parties to understand each other and decide if we move ahead or not.

  • We introduce our company, explain our funding proposition, our fees, our process, and timelines involved to the client.
  • Client explains the project in brief.
  • Q&A session follows.
  • We move to the next step if both parties agree.

Step 3 - Initial review

Initial review is necessary to indicate interest in the project and avoid wastage of time for both parties.

  • We indicate in-principle interest or lack of interest after reviewing the documents provided.
  • Client provides access to project data room if we indicate interest in the project.
  • We analyze the information provided in the project data room, and move to the next step.

Step 4 - Get indicative terms for the project

Indicative terms are in-principle approvals for the project and are subject to further due diligence, risk assessment, and underwriting by the funder (on acceptance by client).

  • We prepare an executive summary and report for the funders as per their requirements and submit the project for approval.
  • We liaise with the funder's analyst and the client to provide any missing information as appropriate.
  • We get indicative terms from interested funder based on information provided.

Step 5 - Presenting indicative terms to the client

Indicative terms are presented and explained to the client , along with our fee agreement.

  • We arrange a meeting with the client to present and explain the indicative terms.
  • We present and explain our fee agreement and scope of work.
  • We move to the next step if both parties agree.

Step 6 - Engagement

This is the engagement process once both parties agree.

  • The indicative terms and fee agreements are executed by both parties.
  • Invoices are generated by funder and us for payment.
  • Client pays fees to the funder and us separately.

Step 7 - Funder due diligence, risk assessment and underwriting

In this step we start working with the funder and the client to complete the due-diligence on the project.

  • A dedicated analyst is assigned for the project by the funder.
  • We liaise with both, the client and the funder's analyst  to help complete the due-diligence, risk assessment and underwriting process on the project.
  • Follow-up meetings are called for, and missing information is requested, as required.
  • Complete project report is submitted to the funder, and final offer is generated.

Step 8 - Presenting final offer to the client

Funder's final offer is presented to the client and agreed upon by both parties.

  • We arrange a meeting with the client to present and explain the final offer.
  • Amendments are made to the final offer (if required) after discussion between client and funder.
  • We move to the next step if both the client and the funder agree.

Step 9 - Legal process

In this step, the legal structure and documentation is put in place.

  • Financing agreement is reviewed by lawyers from both sides.
  • Clauses are finalized and tweaked as appropriate.
  • We move to the next step if both parties agree.

Step 10 - Disbursement of funding

In this step, funding is disbursed for the project.

  • Funding is disbursed as per mutually agreed disbursement schedule.
  • Work on the project begins on the client side with lender oversight on usage of funding in different project stages.
  • We assist where necessary, till funding is fully disbursed.
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