David Worrow


  • FPC,
  • CEMAP, and
  • G10 qualified in financial services from UK background.

Time in industry

  • 25 years, 23 of which were in Mayfair, City of London and Canary Wharf, UK. Now working in Dubai.

Key skill sets relating to what we do

  • Business analyst, financial modelling and forecasting,
  • Client relationships, business consultancy and development,
  • Funding channels relationship management.

Key Roles Performed

  • Head analyst, reviewing new deals, determining whether they could be fundable,
  • Detailed feedback provision for clients,
  • Submission of cases for Indicative terms,
  • Client liaison and development of the business model backing their funding request,
  • Development of funding channel opportunities.

Achievements in finance industry

  • Funded billions of loans across many sectors and structures
  • Owner of former top 10 brokerage company within the UK; company won numerous awards from leading world banks such as Merrill Lynch, HBOS, Investec PLC and others.
  • Extensive experience in assisting clients with the creation and development of bond, fund and other complex financing structures across multi jurisdictions.

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