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Sniper Stocks 2021 is a portfolio framed for maximum upside, with 10 initial stock picks and 10 new stocks picks each quarter for the next three quarters. You can expect these additional stock picks to be a mix of previous recommendations and new ideas.

This means that the Sniper Stocks 2021  portfolio will be comprised of a total of 40 stock picks over the next year.

For each month that we aren’t providing you with new stock recommendations, we’ll be giving you at least one “Research Stock.” So you will be up to date on our analyst’s thoughts about potential new additions. These Research Stocks may include our current recommendations in Maverick Stocks or Monthly Stock Picks in the free community.

Lastly, you can expect quarterly updates on all of the existing recommendations, quarterly rankings for the stocks in the portfolio, as well as quarterly Q&A sessions, where you can ask us questions about the portfolio.


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Advice Disclaimer

Please read the advice disclaimer carefully before using any of the investment ideas in these monthly editions.

How to Get Started With Sniper Stocks 2021

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Quarterly Recommendations 2 Chapters

10 Stocks to Buy For Q2

Here are the 10 stocks to buy for Q2 2021, with all their respective recommendations.

10 Stocks to Buy For Q1

Here are the 10 stocks to buy for Q1 2021, with all their respective recommendations.