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Buy any stock or ETF listed on the NYSE or Nasdaq from the comfort of your home. 

Buy US Stocks from UAE

Tap global investment opportunities

Invest in companies that operate in markets and regions all across the world

Invest in global themes

Access global sectors and themes that are not available locally

Grow with relatable brands

Invest in companies whose products and brands you use and love

Fractional Investing

Find some stocks expensive? Invest small amounts to buy fractions

Some popularly traded stocks

Apple, Inc.
Novavax, Inc.
AMC Entertainment
Alphabet, Inc.
Microsoft, Inc.
NIO, Inc.
Tesla, Inc.
Advanced Micro Devices
Amazon Inc.
Netflix Inc.
BioNTech Inc.
Coinbase Global
Fiverr Inc.

13,194 trades worth $7,975,565 made in the last 48 hours

Some popularly traded ETFs

Blackrock ETFs
Blackrock ETFs
Vanguard ETFs
State Street ETFs
State Street
JP Morgan ETFs
JP Morgan
iShares ETFs
iShares ETFs
Invesco ETFs
Invesco ETFs
First Trust ETFs
First Trust
Charles Schwab ETFs
Charles Schwab ETFs
Ark Invest ETFs
ARK Invest

Investing Globally For Everyone

Start small, invest based on your budget, signup from the comfort of your home.

No Account Minimums

Super-low fees. Plus, no lower limits on how much you can invest. Want to start small? Sure, totally possible.

Dollar-based Investing

Don’t worry about how many shares to buy or sell. Just decide how much money you want to invest, and do it.

Compliance made easy

Completely digitized account opening documentation, making compliance easy for you.

research & Guidance at Your finger tips

Real-Time Stock Alerts

Get live prices, latest news, analyst opinions and other relevant updates on the stocks and ETFs you would like to research

Stock alerts
Stock Research

World-Class Research

Access company financials including research and analysis from the some of the world's best sources and analyst platforms.

Done for you investing

Invest directly in portfolios created by leading global investment advisors, portfolio managers and asset management firms.

Done for you investing

What Happy Clients Are Saying

Dr. Sweta A.

The 'Money is Everything' investment community is a good resource for people new to investing to gain credible knowledge.

The investment platform is fast and easy to use.

Pruthviraj M.

Website is very simple to navigate and the information is easily accessible. Webinars cover a wide range of topics and make investment concepts easier for people like us who lack the financial acumen for investments.

Opening a trading account is a straightforward process.

Vishi M.

The 'Investment Community' has high quality content and in-depth analysis of stock recommendations. It's user-friendly and uncomplicated.

With a gold account, I can trade with almost negligible costs. The customer service is responsive and helpful.

Edmond S.

The Money is everything Investment Community is a very user friendly community. It is simple to follow and understand and most of all it very informative and transparent.

The WealthBullet investment platform is easy to use. It provides in depth information about each and every stock that is listed. This helps me to take a calculative decision.


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