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Full-service Project Financing

Mutual Non-circumvention & Non-disclosure Agreement (NCNDA)

  • This document is to be completed and returned with borrowing company details.
  • Funding requests will not be processed without this document.
  • Jurisdiction of NDA is not negotiable.

Deal In-take Form

  • This is effectively our initial application form.
  • Funding requests will not be processed without this document.
  • It has been designed to provide us with sufficient information to be able to ascertain whether a deal is potentially fundable – without being overly onerous on you having to provide an enormous amount of information.
  • If you could quickly complete this in as much detail as possible it provides us with information such as borrowing entity’s legal name, registered address, signatory etc.
  • Please do not refer to ‘other documents’ or ‘ see attachments’ as we really require the information from such other documents to be transposed into this one singular document initially.
  • Please see below the explanation of the five tabs within it:
  • Tab 1 - Read Me

  • Tab 2 - Timeline

  • Tab 3 - Initial Assessment

  • Tab 4 - Narrative Questions

  • Tab 5 - due Diligence requirements

Read Me

This is a very simple narrative tab that explains what each tab on the sheet is for and how to complete it.

Funding Fee Agreement Example

  • This document is only for review, and not to be completed.
  • This is an example of our Fee Agreement that we use with clients. The figures of it do not represent the figures for your case and are just illustrative at this stage – the actual figures will be known post reviewing your case and will be sent to you in a bespoke Fee Agreement at the appropriate stage, should we reach that.

Generic Deal Summary

This is a comprehensive catch all document that explains the roles, fees, process and timelines that are generally involved. Please read it fully as it contains a large amount of information.

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