How do I fund my account?

Published on - August 24, 2020

Just click on the "Add funds" button available in many places on WealthBullet.com and enter the amount you want to send to your brokerage account.

From India: If you are an Indian Resident, a pre-filled LRS form (more on LRS later) will be presented to you. Verify the information and download the PDF of the form from the website. It's likely that WealthBullet.com already has a tie-up with your bank (we have tied-up with most domestic banks to get our clients good forex rates and to help with fund transfers). You will need to, either, just sign, scan (or click a pic), and upload it back. Easy instructions will be available alongside the LRS form.

From international locations: If you are remitting money in your WealthBullet.com account from any  location outside India, you will be able to directly transfer the money from your bank account as a wired transaction. Please download the beneficiary account instructions after clicking on the “Add Funds” button.

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