100% Capital Protected Note
ToS for ShiftAltCap Stacks
What are the TCS provisions (including thresholds, if any) in regards to the overseas investment made by an investor?
What are the tax implications in India where my shares get vested with my nominee in case of my death?
Can I claim the fees and brokerage paid as a deduction for computing my capital gains tax in India?
Am I expected to report my holdings or gains in India an annual basis even if I don’t have a tax liability? If yes under what section and what forms do I need to report the same in India?
Do I need to pay tax on foreign dividend both in US and India? Can I claim credit for the taxes paid on such dividend in India?
What is the tax on dividend received from foreign listed securities?
Can a Resident Indian utilize more than the amount specified (USD 2,50,000) under LRS for buying foreign listed securities?
Is there a limit on maximum number of foreign securities to be held by an Indian Resident?