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What does it do?

The main objectives of this Note are:

  1. To protect the investor’s investment capital; and
  2. To deliver a fixed return of 4% per annum

Who is it for?

The Note is targeted at investors who want a fixed return from a low-risk investment with full capital protection over the 3 year investment term.

How does it work?

The Investment Manager will achieve the returns by investing in Non-Capital at Risk Structured Products issued by Royal Bank of Canada.

How accessible is the money?

Although this note is tradable daily, investors should be prepared to hold it till maturity (3 years).



Barclays Bank PLC (London)

Issuer Credit Rating

A1  (Moody's)

A    (S&P)

A  (R&I)

A+  (Fitch)

Capital Protection

100% of initial investment

Annual Coupon To Investor




Minimum Investment

$ 20,000

Investment Term

3 Years

Coupon Frequency


Investment Manager

Veritas Capital AG


Direct investment, life bond, ISA, QROPS & SIPP

Online Valuations


Subscription Period

11th January 2021 to 25th January 2021


Linear Investments London

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