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Read about the latest investment trends, sectors, & companies to invest in, that are vetted by the best analysts globally.

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What People Are Saying

“It also allows me to learn more about the dynamics of the investment climate”


The layout is clean and easy to navigate, see a something of interest and one click has you on topic, more than this is the opportunity of me being able to share investment information with friends and family who are welcome to join the community Free of Charge. It also allows me to learn more about the dynamics of the investment climate and to plan accordingly.

The Investment Platform allows me to see what is happening in real time to my investments and if need be make immediate changes in real time if the situation warrants it. As I am not a trader and would rather make my returns by the length of time that I allow the market to grow it, I only check occasionally. But it is comforting to know I can keep the finger on the pulse.

The 'Money is Everything' Community has done a good job in consistently providing informative Webinars and short informative videos to clarify and demystify new investment routes. Personally I would like to see some diverse topics for Webinars specifically. I believe this will come be the outcome which should result from diversity of interests expressed by New Members to the Community being able to join free.

I believe the 'Wealth Bullet' Investment Platform has developed very fast to achieve all of this in a very short time and look forward to the day that cash can be parked on the platform with interest rates higher than local banks. Another improvement which should be pursued is adding other Major Stock Exchanges to expand investment choices.

Glen Gifford

“The WealthBullet investment platform is easy to use”


The Money is everything Investment Community is a very user friendly community. It is simple to follow and understand and most of all it very informative and transparent. The WealthBullet investment platform is easy to use. It provides in depth information about each and every stock that is listed. This helps me to take a calculative decision. Maybe we can have more links for self reading and redirecting you to more recommended websites. Currently I feel the platform has adequate information and tools to help you analyse the market and assist you with your investment needs

Edmond Saldanha

“The 'Money is Everything' investment community is a good resource for people new to investing”


The 'Money is Everything' investment community is a good resource for people new to investing to gain credible knowledge.

The investment platform is fast and easy to use.

Dr Sweta Adatia

“The 'Investment Community' has high quality content.”


In-depth analysis of stock recommendations. The 'Investment Community' has high quality content. It's user-friendly and uncomplicated. With a gold account, I can trade with almost negligible costs. The customer service is responsive and helpful. Information about other prominent stock markets The facility to trade at other prominent stock markets

Vishi Mishra

“The ‘Money is Everything’ investment community makes investment concepts easy to understand”


Website is very simple to navigate and the information is easily accessible. Webinars cover a wide range of topics and speakers like Amit Mitbawkar make investment concepts easier for people like us who lack the financial acumen for investments. Opening a trading account is a straightforward process.

Pruthviraj More

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