full-service project & business financing

We arrange financing for projects & businesses globally, through a panel of 700+ specialty hedge funds, family offices & private lenders.

Just under $7bn

Offered and completed by our funding channel

What we do


Wealthbullet was established in early 2021 to help arrange financing for projects & businesses across various sectors and in different parts of the globe.

We work with 700+ fund houses, family offices and private lenders to help our clients with their business goals.

how we started

Our Origins

Wealthbullet was founded by two of our directors, Amit Mitbawkar and Sandip Ganguly. Amit has a wealth management background and Sandip has always been a career corporate banker.

Amit, Sandip, and our head of corporate finance David Worrow have a combined experience of more than 50 years of client & project management experience between them.

Our Origins

Our Vision & Mission


To be one of the leading facilitators of finance for businesses globally.


To help businesses through out the world achieve their full potential by providing them access to the right kind of funding at the right time.

Our Value Proposition

We arrange funding for projects across different industries, all over the world except UN sanctioned countries.

We essentially work with two funding groups.

  1. One group offers full-service debt financing at attractive interest rates.
  2. The other group consists of 400+ global hedge funds and family offices that offer, debt funding, equity funding, or a combination of the two.

Projects in Progress By Industry


Projects in Progress

By Country



Funding Partners




Projects in progress

$9.2 bn


Our Process

Here's an overview of the process we follow to get funding for our clients


Initial Assessment

We conduct an initial qualification of projects by:

  • Assessing the project to confirm interest
  • Preliminary meetings with project owner to understand more in detail.

Conducting due-diligence

We conduct detailed due-diligence by going through the full business plan, financials and other related documents.

This along-with meetings between project owners and funding channel, ensures projects are funded on time.



Qualified projects then go through legal and compliance vetting by the funding channel before funding is disbursed.

Our Team Members

Amit Mitbawkar

Amit Mitbawkar



Amit is a MBA in Finance with over 12 years experience in wealth management & client management.

Sandip Ganguly

Sandip Ganguly



Sandip is a career corporate banker with more than 20 years of experience in banking and working with corporates.

Andre Marki


head of operations

South Africa

Andre has over 5 years of experience in dealing with financial institutions and structuring investment deals.

David Worrow

david worrow

head of corporate financE


David is a corporate finance specialist with more than 20 years experience in project funding & working with funders.

Nicholas Goss

Nicholas Goss

Analyst - Corporate FinancE


Nicholas has over 15 years experience in structured corporate finance, with a focus on Real Estate, PFI, SME Corporates and Technology.

Abdul Moiz Mehta

Abdul Moiz Mehta

Senior associate


Abdul is a corporate banker with more than 20+ years of experience in banking, and corporate finance.

Mahesh Maru

Mahesh maru

Senior associate

new zealand

Mahesh is an insurance specialist with 22 years of experience in working with clients and projects.

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